Who chooses BelO, chooses sustainability

BelO is part of Groot Eiland, a social economy organization. At BelO you always have vegetarian and vegan options. The menu follows the rhythm of the seasons and the salads come straight from BelAkker, Groot Eiland's ecological vegetable garden. The drinks in the sandwich shop come from local producers. Surplus food is also processed in the kitchen daily.

The BelO team consists of people in training. The employees learn a good work attitude and gain more self-confidence. In the kitchen, they learn the right cutting techniques, how to use kitchen appliances, how to work hygienically and how to cook deliciously. With the help of a language coach, the candidates learn more Dutch every day. After the course at BelO, the people move on to restaurant BelMundo. The people who serve you at the cash register and in the tearoom work as volunteers, just like the people from ArtiZan who make the fresh pastries every day.

The entire interior of the sandwich shop was made from recycled pallet wood by our carpentry Klimop. This furniture is also for sale here.